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Roy D. Cole
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Law Office of Roy D. Cole, LLC
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2564 Washington Blvd. Ste. 101, Ogden, UT, 84401


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Utah State Bar Association U.S. District Court Bar 10th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals
Creighton University School of Law, Omaha, NE J.D., Awarded May 1999; Activities: Moot Court Competition 1997; Moot Court Traveling Team Finalist 1997 Negotiations Competition Finalist 1997; Negotiations Board Member 1998-1999 The Federalist Society – Vice President, 1996-1997; President, 1997-1998 Member Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity – 1996 to Present Member Public Interest Law Forum; Grant Selection Committee Member – 1997 & 1998 Peer Mentor – 1997 to 1998 Member National Lawyers Association – 1997 to Present Member ABA/LSD – 1996 to Present Member ATLA – 1998 to Present Member Environmental Law Society – 1998-1999 Member American Diabetes Association Weber State University, Ogden UT B.A., Psychology, Minors-Spanish and Criminal Justice July 1994 Activities: Student Senator-College of Social and Behavioral Science Presidents Cabinet-Student Liaison to the Athletic Department Student Elections Committee-Rules and Violations Committee Social/Service Fraternity-Greek Council Delegate
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Member, Utah State Bar Association Member, Weber County Bar Association Member, Inns of Court Member, American Bar Association


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Fees & Rates
Misdemeanors as little as $750.00 Felony defense starting at $1,500.00 and up depending on the seriousness of the offense.
Office Hours
8am to 6pm - Monday thru Friday, weekend appointments available by appointment.
I HANDLE 300 TO 500 CASES PER YEAR. I TRY ON AVERAGE TWELVE TO TWENTY-FOUR CRIMINAL CASES EACH YEAR. THESE ARE SOME OF THE MORE REMARKABLE CASES, NO MATTER HOW GOOD AN ATTORNEY IS HE CONNOT GUARANTEE AN OUTCOME. State v. Frank Rendon – One Count Class “A” Violation of a Protective order; One Count Assault – Frank is alleged to have violated the protective order his ex-wife had against him when she announced that she was moving and taking their kids with her and that he could not see them because they had a “new” Daddy. Tried case to a jury, which found him not guilty on all charges. State v. Robert Adams – One Count Class “A” Misdemeanor Physical Child Abuse – Father is alleged to have hit 10 month old daughter across the face with his hand. Co-Counsel with Attorney Steve Bailey; Moved to Dismiss the Case with Prejudice at the end of States Case for failure to establish a case; Motion Granted Case Dismissed with Prejudice. State v. James Wood – two counts of felony child sex abuse – Judge Parley R. Baldwin – Original Attorney Disbarred – Negotiated case to a Class A misdemeanor. State v. Jaime Parra – two counts of Child Abuse – Judge W. Brent West –Offer Plead Guilty as Charged – Tried case to a jury got second charge dismissed. State v. Michelle Anderson – Possession of a Controlled Substance – Judge Darwin Hansen – Filed motion to suppress evidence and thus quash the information based on entrapment and violation of the Defendant’s Fourth Amendment Rights – Judge Hansen agreed with my argument and suppressed the evidence and the charges were dismissed. State v. Eliazar Balbuene-Para – Murder – Judge Anne Boyden – Acquitted by jury verdict following two days of deliberation and one week of trial. USA v. Eduardo Mosqueda-Rameriz – Federal Court – Conspiracy to Distribute and Controlled Substance and Possession of a Firearm by a Restricted Person – Judge Tena Campbell – Convicted, appeal pending. Trial took over a week. State v. Richard Gunn – Capital Murder – Judge Parley R. Baldwin – Plead Guilty to Capital Murder to avoid death penalty, now doing life without the possibility of parole. Appeal pending based on the Jury Instructions, but he avoided the death penalty and it cannot be brought back. State v. John Lindsay Austin – Capital Murder – Judge W. Brent West – Pled guilty to a reduced charge of Murder from a Capital Murder Charge – Parole Pending in 2015. State v. Stacy Allen Bennett – Assault on a Police Officer – Judge Rodney Page – Charge reduced at Preliminary hearing from felony to misdemeanor; convicted of misdemeanor at trial in absentia. State v. Michael Duran – Felony Theft and Felony Burglary – Judge Roger S. Dutson – Acquitted by a Jury following a day long trial. State v. Daniel Foste – Two Counts of First Degree Felony Forcible Sexual Abuse – Judge Darwin Hansen – Pled guilty to reduced charges and negotiated reduction in charges to misdemeanors. State v. Stacy Frison – First Degree Felony Distribution of a Controlled Substance and Second Degree Felony – Judge Leslie Lewis – Acquitted on Count I a first degree felony, Convicted on Count II a second degree felony – the only offer had been to plead to two second degree felonies. State v. Eric Leaptrot – Misdemeanor Riot – Judge Craig Story – Acquitted by a jury following a day long trial – Jury found that the officer caused the riot. State v. David Martin – Second Degree Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute – Judge Pamela G. Heffernan – Negotiated reduction from a first degree felony to second degree felony and negotiated state plea and state jurisdiction instead of Federal Jurisdiction. State v. Justin Pedockie – First Degree Felony Aggravated Kidnapping – Judge Ernie Jones – Negotiated First degree felony aggravated kidnapping down to class A misdemeanor and aided client in testifying against co-defendant. State v. Howard Shaffer – Second Degree Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance – Judge Michael D. Lyon – Tried case to jury who convicted client of lesser included offense, third degree felony Possession of Controlled Substance. State v. Gerald & Lois Thompson – Two Counts Misdemeanor Assault with Substantial Bodily Injury – Judge Ernie Jones – Acquitted, I argued that they were concerned grandparents protecting their sick granddaughter from an out of control father who did not care what he had to do to exercise visitation.